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Between 2015 and 2019 Dr Sarfati was co-head and then head of the University of Otagos Department of Public Health. The focus ministers, the Prime Minister in particular, have placed on the Director-General, from the advice given to the Cabinet through to the constant participation in the increasingly political government media conferences, overlooks the reality that the legal responsibility from a public health perspective still rests with the Director of Public Health, who has been seen only when the Director-General is not available. A new director of public health has been announced by the Ministry of Health. Subscribe now to start a free 14-day trial. Dr Sarfati will start on 30 July 2022, when the incumbent Dr Ashley Bloomfield leaves the role. Post comments with a Newsroom Pro subscription. The ministry is also having farewells this week for director of public health Dr Caroline McElnay, and public health deputy director Dr Niki Stefanogiannis. [4], "Confirmed coronavirus cases rise by 61, bringing total to 708", "Coronavirus: Meet the experts advising the NZ Government on Covid-19", "Caroline McElnay - piloting the pandemic response", "Meet the Irish woman near the top of New Zealand's Covid-19 response", "McElnay: Building the fence at the top of the cliff", "Public health exodus: Chiefs Caroline McElnay, Niki Stefanogiannis join Ashley Bloomfield in departing from Ministry of Health", Within Manat Hauora, Robyn established the Mental Health and Addiction Directorate team and led the DHB Performance Programme which established an intensive support programme to support DHBs with performance challenges. National Director Commissioning Abbe Anderson, Chief Financial Officer Rosalie Percival, Interim Lead, Data and Digital Stuart Bloomfield, Chief Infrastructure and Investment Officer Jeremy Holman, Interim Lead, Corporate Services Sue Gordon, Interim Chief, Strategy, Planning & Performance Tracey Maisey, Interim Lead, Communications & Engagement Deidre Hill, Regional Director-National Public Health Service Dr Hayden McRobbie, Regional Director-Hospital and Specialist Services Mark Shepherd, Regional Wayfinder - Commissioning - Danny Wu (Interim), Regional Director- National Public Health Service Dr Natasha White, Regional Director- Hospital and Specialist Services Chris Lowry, Regional Wayfinder - Commissioning -Nicola Ehau (from 7 Feb), Interim Regional Director - National Public Health Service Peter Gush, Regional Director- Hospital and Specialist Services Russell Simpson, Regional Wayfinder - Commissioning - Tricia Keelan (from 13 Feb), Regional Director - National Public Health Service Vince Barry, Regional Director - Hospital and Specialist Services - Dan Pallister-Coward, Regional Wayfinder - Commissioning -Chiquita Hansen (from 13 Feb). Dr Nicholas Jones, who is currently Clinical Director and Medical Officer of Health at Te Whatu Ora Te Matau a Mui, Hawke's Bay, will take up the role based in the Public Health Agency. "[19] ", "Covid 19 coronavirus: Ashley Bloomfield apologises to MPs for giving wrong information on infected UN staffer", "Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield to step down from role", "Dr Ashley Bloomfield orders 14 councils' water supplies to be fluoridated", "Ashley Bloomfield appointed University of Auckland professor",, This page was last edited on 9 January 2023, at 22:39. A new Director of Public Health has been appointed and will join Manat Hauora on 15 August, Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield says. Rosalie is an inclusive leader and brings strong sector leadership to our executive team. He looks forward to building a strong and effective team to strengthen and nationalise our public health services. Lorraine (Tapuika, Ngti Pikiao, Ngiterangi, Ngti Ranginui, Ngti Kahu) has a strong clinical and academic background in nursing leadership. This article, written by David Codyre, Ainsleigh Cribb-Sua and David Todd, outlines progress in rollout, challenges faced and what is being learnt, Health priorities of older adults often include longevity, however health outcomes such as quality of life and independence are often considered to be as important or more important than a long life. Photo: Pool/Robert Kitchin, Stuff. She has a very strong focus on transformation of health structures to reflect Te Tiriti in both action and equity. She also led a Lancet Oncology series on cancer in small island developing states. From 2015 to 2018, Bloomfield was chief executive at Hutt Valley District Health Board. [4] During her studies in Manchester she completed a one-year exchange in New Zealand, including six months in Napier. Dr Jones has worked for Te Whatu Ora Te Matau a Mui, Hawke's Bay (Hawke's Bay. Published on 09 Jan 2023. Photo / Michael Cunningham. Photo: Supplied. Robyn has worked in the health sector for over 30 years. Interim Director, Outbreak Response - Matt Hannant. And in the midst of a pandemic caused by an airborne virus, where are the riskiest places to be? Dr Sarfati is a public health physician, cancer epidemiologist and health services researcher with a world-leading reputation in cancer control strategy and research. [21][22][23] When Bloomfield played for an invitational Centurions side in their 2020 rugby match against the Parliamentary team, children took placards to the game to support him. Dr Sarfati is currently the Acting Director-General of Health and Chief Executive, Ministry for Health, a role she has held since July 2022. The Deputy Public Service Commissioner has today announced the appointment of Dr Diana Sarfati as Acting Director-General of Health and Chief Executive, Ministry of Health. Before New Zealand had its first case of Covid-19, back when it was referred to simply as a coronavirus (WHO would name it Covid-19 on 12 February 2020), Bloomfield and director of public health . She is very knowledgeable about the health reforms and is dedicated to improving equity of outcomes in the health system.. In November 2020, Dr Jones was awarded a New Zealand Public Service Medal Award for his exceptional contribution to health in Hawkes Bay. This provision was designed with a short-term national health crisis in mind and was the initial authority that the Government turned to when Covid-19 broke out. Her work has been focused on health systems, addressing inequity in health and cancer. [7], McElnay later moved with her husband to Napier in 1995. However, it was never intended to deal with more long-term situations like the pandemic, and questions quickly arose as to the legality of relying on the Health Act provisions to give the authority to the Director-General that the Government wanted. If, as the Covid-19 emergency legislation suggests, the Government was keen to emphasise the traditional relationship between Cabinet and public servants, it would have been more logical, not to mention more in line with the Health Act, to give more prominence to the Director of Public Health, as the statutorily responsible public official. He would also bed in the reforms as he was staying on as director general until July 29. Implementation of the Integrated Primary Mental Health and Addiction programme across metro Auckland is well under way. [32], Member of the Order of the British Empire, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Auckland's Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit, "Covid 19 coronavirus: Ashley Bloomfield stuns boy, 6, with handwritten response to letter", "Dr Ashley Bloomfield asked burning questions in final AM interview, reveals star sign", "Ashley Bloomfield's rise to the top the inside story", "Covid-19 coronavirus: Inside Dr Ashley Bloomfield's work and family bubble", "Hilary Barry shares photo of teen Ashley Bloomfield performing in 1983 school production of Oklahoma! He stated that this measure would boost the number of the New Zealand population receiving water fluoridation from 51% to 60%. 4 Department of Health [Repealed] Section 4: repealed, on 1 July 1993, by section 3(1)(a) of the Health Amendment Act 1993 (1993 No 24). She is a Fellow of the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine and is registered with the New Zealand Medical Council. Dr Sarfati will. Before moving into the role of interim Regional Director Northern at Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand, Fionnagh was the Chief Executive of Capital & Coast and Hutt Valley DHBs from 2019 to 2022. Jeremy holds a Master of Business Administration, is a Chartered Engineer and is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (UK). The Commission is running a recruitment process for the permanent Director-General of Health role and will advertise shortly. Greg has been a General Paediatrician at Starship for 14 years and Service Clinical Director for General Paediatrics for the last eight years. You can capture your thoughts, and the time to Read, Watch, Listen or Delve, against your account but first you'll need to be logged in. With the Government having decided in the middle of the pandemic to completely upend the organisation of the public health system over the next two to three years, and the current mounting crisis regarding the availability of intensive care beds, it would not be unreasonable to expect the Director-General to be at the centre of all those issues, but there currently seems to be a vacuum of official leadership or even interest in these matters. He is currently clinical director and medical officer of Health at Te Whatu Ora Te Matau a Mui, Hawke's Bay. His entire life had been dedicated to the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders . How will the position be transitioned back to the more standard role of a department chief executive, like every other chief executive? COVID-19 vaccines available in New Zealand, Services and support for you and your child, Setting the direction for our new health system, Release calendar for our Tier 1 statistics, Chief Clinical Officers | Ng piha Hauora, Dr Diana Sarfati:Director-General of Health and Chief Executive, Robyn Shearer: Deputy Director-General, System Performance and Monitoring | Te Pou Mahi Pnaha, and Deputy Chief Executive, Celia Wellington: Deputy Director-General, Corporate Services | Te Pou Tiaki, Dean Rutherford: Deputy Director-General, Evidence Research and Innovation | Te Pou Whakamrama, Sarah Turner: Deputy Director-General, Government and Executive Services | Te Pou Whakatere Kwanatanga, John Whaanga: Deputy Director-General, Mori Health | Te Pou Hauora Mori, Dr Andrew Old: Deputy Director-General, Public Health Agency | Te Pou Hauora Tmatanui, Clare Perry: Deputy Director-General, Regulatory Services | Te Pou Whakariterite Ratonga, Maree Roberts: Deputy Director-General, Strategy Policy and Legislation | Te Pou Rautaki, Martin Chadwick:Chief Allied Health Professions Officer. This includes roles at the Ministry of Health (Deputy Director-General of Health), Counties Manukau District Health Board, Capital & Coast District Health Board, Labour Market Policy Group (Department of Labour) and Health Funding Authority. Northland . She also contributed to the set-up of the Childrens Ministry. Consumers should seek advice from a health professional and not act in reliance on any statement contained in the information provided. The way in which this Government has abruptly elevated the role of the Director-General of Health to be virtually the most important public servant of all over the past 18 months will surely have disrupted the standing relationship between departmental chief executives that will not easily be restored once he is returned to the ranks so to speak. Most Likely Range. From September to November 2019, she was the National Director of Cancer Control at the Ministry of Health. He was the public-facing health specialist liaising with the media during the COVID-19 pandemic in New Zealand on behalf of the government, from the first press conference on 27 January 2020. [2], McElnay was appointed to the role of director of public health at the Ministry of Health in 2016. He led the health response to the Havelock North campylobacter outbreak, co-chaired the Healthy Housing Coalition, provided leadership and expert advice on environmental health issues such as water regulation, and more recently was pivotal to Hawkes Bays COVID-19 response. Nicola Hill will act as Chief Executive of the Cancer Control Agency while Dr Sarfati is acting Director-General of Health. She was Director of the Cancer and Chronic Disease Research Group at University of Otago. Details of expenditure for the Director-General of Health. "Niki has decided it's time for a break and to spend some time with her family. [1] She was the director of public health for the New Zealand Ministry of Health from 2016 to 2022, and chaired the Pandemic Influenza Technical Advisory Group, which advises the Ministry on matters concerning the control of the COVID-19 pandemic in New Zealand. Andrew was a 2018/19 Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellow, and was based between the Clinical Excellence Research Center at Stanford University and the Social Interventions Research Evaluation Network at UC San Francisco. You'll find details of our wider leadership team below. COVID-19 vaccines available in New Zealand, Services and support for you and your child, Setting the direction for our new health system, Release calendar for our Tier 1 statistics. The team is supported by leaders across the motu. The PM has the communication skills to give New Zealanders confidence we can start soon to reopen our economy and country, but needs to employ them soon, writes Peter Dunne. She is a voluntary Chair of World Vision New Zealand. Andrew received his medical and public health degrees from the University of Auckland and is a Fellow of both the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine and of the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine. Historically, the role of the Director-General, as chief executive of the Ministry of Health, has been to ensure the ministry carries out its statutory functions, including the medium and long-term sustainability of the public health system and is able to offer free and frank advice to successive governments. [5] While at the board she was involved in the response to Havelock North's gastro outbreak, the first case of the SARS virus in New Zealand and a listeria outbreak. 5 Director-General of Health As New Zealand moves from crisis to recovery mode the need to support local industry has been brought into sharp relief. Dr Sarfati holds Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Public Health and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees from the University of Otago. (1991). She has been an impressive leader at the Cancer Control Agency., Dr Sarfati has considerable experience and a sound understanding of New Zealands health system and has strong relationships across the sector..

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